2009 Optibike OB1- A Gold-plated, electric bike for clean ride

Here is a signature green bike that serves an eco-friendly ride without compromising on style. Limited to just 24 bikes per year, this gold-plated electric bike is powered by a lithium-ion battery and can run for over two hours. Designed by award-winning electric bike designer Jim Turner, the 2009 Optibike OB1 pedals in with carbon fiber components, state of the art GPS navigation, and a fully integrated PDA. For $14,000, it can be customized with an option of three paint designs. Those seeking luxury can settle for the hand-cut 23ct gold leaf inlay design. If you intend to swap your gas-guzzling vehicle for an earth-friendly alternative, then place your order here for the exclusive 2009 Optibike OB1. If you are wondering who will ride this, then allow me to tell you that the American football linebacker DeMarcus Ware is their most recent client.

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