2015 Range Rover Holland & Holland Edition is the most expensive SUV ever produced in the automaker’s history

Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division has teamed up with British gun-maker Holland & Holland to create a very special variant of the Range Rover Autobiography Black. Priced at $285,000 (£180,000 approximately), the Range Rover Holland & Holland is the most expensive SUV ever produced in the brand’s 44-year history and the automaker also claims that it is the world’s most luxurious SUV. With a price-tag that’s almost $100,000 more than the top-of-the-line long-wheelbase Range Rover Autobiography Black, the 2015 Range Rover Holland & Holland Edition will be limited to a mere 120 examples with 40 units being produced annually. The buyers can choose which engine they want whether that be the entry-level diesel V6 or the range-topping supercharged petrol V8.

range-rover-holland-holland-7So what makes this Range Rover the most luxurious SUV ever? For starters, the Holland & Holland edition is completely decked out in the finest soft-touch leather, and its interior woodwork is cut from a single massive piece of walnut to make sure all of the trim match up perfectly. The walnut is also finished with oil to resemble the stocks of Holland & Holland’s signature rifles. The center and rear consoles are finished in hand-matched French Walnut veneer and even the door handles feature hand engravings. The rear two passengers can recline in front of individual televisions, and simply press a button to activate or retract matching walnut tables. In the back, the car comes standard with a high-end gun rack complete with leather and alcantara. “The whole SVO team is very proud of this car, a bespoke design, which perfectly meets the very particular needs of Holland & Holland’s customers,” said Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations managing director John Edwards. “This shows the huge potential of SVO, which encapsulates both off- and on-road performance as well as luxury and craftsmanship.”


Update – The Holland and Holland edition Range rover will be finally crossing the Atlantic for spring 2016 availability in the USA.

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