5 Super Yachts with waterfalls in them

Super yachts are meant to carry nearly every luxury you can think of and still prove to be sea-worthy. This, amongst other obvious reasons, is exactly why purchasing a super yacht isn’t every one’s cup of tea. While nearly every super yacht these days comes with a Jacuzzi, a few customers have been obsessed with a new trend that’s aesthetic and downright brilliant – waterfalls on yachts. We’ve been exploring these yachts too and we’ve just drawn up a list of the top 5 super yachts in the world with waterfalls. Read on and dive in!

5. Motor Yacht Alfa Nero
Launched in 2007, this super yacht brought to life by Dutch shipyard OceAnco sports a Nuvolari-designed aft deck nicknamed the ‘beach club’. This deck sports one of the biggest swimming pools on a super yacht, measuring in at 7 x 3.5m. The reason this yacht lies fifth on our list is because it doesn’t sport a real waterfall, but a glass-ended pool that gives the impression of a waterfall. The backlit pool and faux waterfall make the Motor Yacht Alfa Nero simply irresistible!

4. The Suerte by Tankoa Yachts
Designed by Francesco Paszkowski, this yacht boasts of a beautiful light-up swimming pool with a Bisazza mosaic tiling. To complete the look, the yacht includes a waterfall that cascades down the superstructure above, to fill the mosaic pool. The 69.3 meter yacht is packed with luxurious amenities including a sauna, a beach club, an outdoor bar as well as a touch-n-go helipad. Apart from the pool, the waterfall and the bar, the deck also has ample space for lounging and sunbathing.

3. The Tropical Island Paradise
The only reason this vessel isn’t topping our list of yachts with waterfalls is the fact that it’s still a concept. Designed by Yacht Island Design, this Tropical Island Paradise is literally what its name claims it to be – a floating island! The yacht has an extensive deck packed with an outdoor dining, the bar, guest cabanas, a pseudo-volcano and of course, a waterfall that fills the massive swimming pool! This super yacht also sports a “deployable beach”, which is lounging area at sea level which can be used for water sports and recreation.

2. Quite Essential by Heesen Yachts
This 55 meter yacht by Heesen Yachts makes use of space extremely wisely and sports a waterfall that fills up the swimming pool on the main deck. This is the first yacht in the Heesen fleet with a tender bay that can be flooded for the launch and recovery of tenders. Apart from its eye-catching waterfall and swimming pool, this yacht also hosts gym and spa facilities as well as a steam room and a massage room!

1. Project Kometa by Heesen Yachts
The folks at Heesen Yachts seem to have mastered the super yacht waterfall trend, with its large jet stream infinity pool. The pool teams up with a waterfall that has water cascading down the upper deck. This 70 meter flagship super yacht of Heesen Yachts tops our list because of its extremely innovative waterfall design, which can be used as a movie screen and as a privacy screen for the dining area, making it aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional!

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