7 reasons why the Carisma V-Class beats the competition

The name Mercedes is synonymous with luxury and its top-end sedans are considered as the best in the world in terms of their luxe-factor and comfort. However, the commercial vehicles made by the German auto giant are anything but luxurious. But, for years, bespoke luxury vehicle specialists across the world have used Mercedes Sprinter and Viano vans as a platform to create jaw-dropping luxury conversions. UK-based company Carisma is one of them and they build some of the finest bespoke luxury conversions. Their customized Viano is the best we have seen in its class and we absolutely love it. Here are seven reasons why we believe that it beats the competition.

7. More comfortable than the best luxury lounge
Although Mercedes Viano is slotted underneath the Sprinter van in the German automaker’s commercial vehicle portfolio, the Viano extra-long wheelbase has tons of space making it ideal for luxury conversions. Carisma offers an array of configurations for the rear and buyers can choose from 2, 3, 4 or 5 rear passenger seating configurations. The double stitched leather seating is electrically adjustable for upper/lower back tilt and the super-comfy seats can be ordered with multi-temperature seat heating along with cooling and massage systems. The seats also offer motorized lower leg supports and extended lower leg supports.
6. The best in class interiors
For the interior of the customized Viano, Carisma sources leather only from barbed-wire-free countries ensuring that the hide is perfect and the upholstery is free of blemishes. Each installation is designed, hand-built and fitted by master craftsmen who learned their trade restoring classic cars to concourse condition.
5. Infinitely customizable cabin options
While the Viano may start out life as a Mercedes van, the attention to detail on the inside and the scope of bespoke customizations and luxury features is limited only by a client’s imagination. The company claims that no two projects from Carisma Auto Design are ever the same. The specification and design of each conversion is unique, meeting the individual customer demands.
4. Inconspicuous exterior that shuts out the outside world
According to Carisma, most of their clients are high-profile heads of states, celebrities or important business people who don’t want unwanted attention. Carisma’s specialist focus on the vehicle’s interior ensuring that there is no hint from the outside of the special environment within, fitting the V-Class with dark-tinted windows and leaving the exterior pretty much as it left the factory.
3. The best of both worlds
While Carisma only uses deep lacquered real wood veneers throughout the interiors giving the V-Class an old-school charm, the company does not compromise on the use of latest and the best technological innovations. Clients can specify a Windows or Apple on-board operating system, paired with a Bang & Olufsen sound system for optimum multimedia enjoyment.
2. Loaded with luxury features
The standard luxury features in a Carisma vehicle includes a built in refrigerator, upper and lower dimmable mood lighting, illuminated entry/exit steps, stowable side tables, 240V power points and an array of storage compartments. However, clients can request for additional uber-luxe extras according to their taste. For instance, some of the recent customer requests for Carisma’s cars included solid crystal ashtrays and champagne flutes, integrated premium pen sets with tailored housing, customized seat embroidery, 42-inch televisions and refrigeration units. The Carisma vehicles also offer Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to ensure you are always connected when on the move.
1. Top-notch safety and security
Carisma also offers vehicle armoring, which means the buyer doesn’t have to take his customized Viano to a specialized armoring company to make it safe. From bulletproof windows through to B6 level armoring can be added according to the need of the client.

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