Fancy a $8800 car wash for your dream car

If you ever want a miracle car wash, no one can beat Paul Dalton, as he is the car wash hero. All treatments and applications are personally undertaken by Paul Dalton, founder, and owner of Miracle Detail. Paul uses a variety of waxes, cleaners and polishes. He charges up to $8800 dollars for his special 61-stage clean that takes up to 2 weeks to finish. He uses Zymol Royale palm tree wax, imported from Brazil that costs $13000 a tube which gives that definitive gloss. Zymol, a carnauba wax, protects paintwork underneath one or more tough, protective and water-resistant layers. Zymol is a 100% natural product, devoid of harsh chemicals or abrasives. It coats a car’s paintwork resulting in a smooth and glossy, yet tough and protective, water-repellent film – and delivers shine to white and silver. The usual bucket and sponge are replaced by a warm water pressure washer and 100 percent cotton towels.
In the above video Paul shows his 10 step process.

Paul owns a completely operational vehicle in the UK but travels worldwide. Using premium detailing products available, he treats every job alike – combining effort, enthusiasm, talent, and attention to detail. Miracle dream wash is high-priced but certainly not for the kind of elite service offered by Paul personally.

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