A 206 feet long, $79 million superyacht of an American millionaire rear-ended and sank an oil tanker in the Bahamas.

An accident of any kind is unfortunate, be it a car or a boat. But when it’s a massive 207 feet superyacht, the damage and despair are much more profound. In an unfortunate incident on Christmas Eve at 10 pm, 15 miles north-northwest of New Providence Island, a $51 million luxury yacht Utopia IV, belonging to American millionaire JR Ridinger, rear-ended a tanker. When a 206-footer collides with a 160-foot Belize-registered tanker, it obviously causes some severe damage. The harm here was considered unsalvageable as the vessel actually sank at 2,000 feet due to its stern getting pierced.

The 160 foot oil tanker M/T Topic Breeze sunk off the coast of Providence Island, Bahamas. Via- Instagram – @salvage_and_wreck

Auto Evolution reports that the Tropic Breeze tanker was 30 years old and recently underwent safety checks. It was on its way to Great Stirrup Cay, carrying various fuel types like LPG, marine gas, and automotive gas. As far as the superyacht Utopia IV is concerned, no official statement regarding its damages was released. Only a social media post has revealed a blow to the bow on the starboard side next to the anchor pocket. The unfortunate accident will cause no further harm to the maritime environment, as the ‘non-persistent materials’ will evaporate and not prove detrimental.

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Deck of the Utopia IV. Via – Morgan yacts.

The seven crew members of Tropic Breeze were rescued with the help of the Bahamian authorities and another motor yacht named the Maya. Utopia IV is a widely recognized superyacht boasting utmost luxury, space, and speed. It can easily accommodate up to 12 guests with a crew of 13. Though the superyacht can hit an impressive top speed of 24 knots, it is unclear if excessive speed was the cause of the mishap. Boat International shared that the Port Department has begun a formal investigation into the incident. The Department of Environmental Health has started to conduct a review to assess the environmental impact of the sunken vessel.

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The $51 million yacht belonged to American millionaire JR Ridinger who is the CEO of Market America and Shop.com Via Instagram / @jrridinger

[Via: BOAT International]

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