A Chinese man bought a $70,000 BMW with coins, a whole truckload of them

The world is full of bizarre heads and proving so thus is a Chinese man who recently bought an all-new BMW car by paying for it via tons and tons of coins, quite literally! Given the stature of the automobile, it obviously costed him a bomb ($70,000 USD to be precise) and the gentleman decided to honor all of it with a truck full of his ka-ching.

Per the story, the unnamed man, who is a bus driver by profession collected his fortune over several years of working on the job. But Instead of having the money converted to a higher denomination, he stocked it all up at home, until he finally decided to buy the car of his dreams i.e. the BMW in question. Before plunging into his decision, the man called over a group of friends who took four days to count the money and verify the exactness of the amount, before they finally walking up to the dealership to make the purchase.

On learning that the chosen mode of payment was indeed a truck full of coins, The BMW dealership at Tongren though stunned decided to sell the car after calling in for some intervention from their bank. The sale was finally honored after 11 bank-officials worked 10 long hours to count and verify the bulk of 150,000 coins (weighing 900 kg!) Now that’s what we call one gruesome sale!


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