A Dubai based Indian businessman has shelled out $9 million for a license plate

Spending big bucks on luxury vehicles has been a trend for the rich across the globe. However, it doesn’t seem to stop at that anymore. After cashing out on their beloved four wheels, owners are further going all out on precious accessories for their luxury drives. One such car aficionado is a Dubai based Indian businessman who recently bought himself a pricey $9 million number plate for (one of) his ultra-luxe Rolls-Royce.

The man in the picture is Balwinder Sahni, who runs a successful property development business in the Emirati land and owns many a precious car, including two coveted Rolls-Royce. He won himself the number plate in a government auction, which comes imprinted with the sought after single digit- 5. While single numbered plates are known to catch the fancy of the affluent, Sahni seems to be particularly smitten by them, as he also spent $6.7 million to obtain a number ‘9’ plate in a similar auction last year.

In spite of his indulgent buys, Sahni prefers to call himself a simple man terming the money spent by him as a form of charity in an income-tax-free haven (read: Dubai). Back in 2008, an Abu Dabi based entrepreneur also spent $14 million to obtain a rare number plate that bore the coveted number ‘1’. The secondary market including websites such as – numbers.ae, (co-founded by Abdulkerim Arsanov) are quickly catching on the trend by providing unique number of plates for a spendthrift car enthusiasts like the above. As rightly quoted by Arsanov, number plates seem to have truly become more luxurious than the car themselves!


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