A flying palace – Take a look inside this Chinese billionaire luxury private jet that has 2 lounges, an opulent bedroom and a spacious bathroom

Too much talk is going on about China mostly in relevance to coronavirus. We too are going to talk about a Chinese gentleman and his grand, bespoke one-of-a-kind luxury private jet. What is so unique about this luxury jet is that it is a remodelled Airbus airliner. This ACJ319 is bought for private use by an unidentified businessman, replete with master bedroom, 2 lounges, dining areas, and private lounge. Legendary stuff right? The interior design is mind-blowing and credits go to French design firm Cabinet Alberto Pinto. Let’s take a sneak peek inside this masterpiece to witness the magic of money:

The interiors look fit for royalty! Plush beige and brown interiors lend a warm feeling to the passenger sections including the master bedroom, main lounge, dining area and private lounge.

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Not only does the master bedroom consist of a comfy bed, it’s a huge king-sized bed at that. Finishing touches include bed side table and windows with a celestial view.

A master bedroom deserves a master bathroom and this one is exactly that. Replete with a walk-in shower and full vanity, there’s nothing as luxe as taking a steaming hot shower in the skies.

Our favourite section has to be one with food; the dining area of Airbus A319 Corporate Jet comes with two dining table sections with large tables on each side. One side seats four and is ideal for a group dinner, while the other seats two and offers a more intimate setting.

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What good are conversations in the clouds unless you don’t have a private lounge to have them in? The Chinese businessman has plenty to talk as his private lounge comes complete with two divans facing each other divided by a centre table. Have too any guests on board? Divans can also be turned into beds.

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