A futuristic 262 feet superyacht that has a transforming swimming pool and a lot more

Well, yachts aren’t meant to look like futuristic spaceships, simply because of the fact that a sea-worthy vessel shouldn’t really have a gaping hole in its body, right? The Dutch design studio Sea Level doesn’t think so however and seeks to revolutionize the way yachts are built with its brainchild, the Future Concept CF8. The yacht is unlike anything we’ve ever come across before and looks like one of those vessels a super-villain would sail in, in a sci-fi television franchise. The name CF8 stands for ‘Cars and Family in 80 metres’, and the yacht is extremely unique in design, given the fact that its hull and superstructure are inextricably linked to each other, to promote aerodynamics.

Owing to its wide stance, the yacht offers better stability at sea, which in turn enables passengers to enjoy a more comfortable journey. The CF8 can accommodate up to 12 guests and sports 8 VIP cabins. These cabins come packed with en-suite facilities and walk-in wardrobes. The owner’s suite is located on the special owner’s deck on the yacht, with 250 square meters of private deck space. The yacht also sports a swimming pool that can be converted into a dance floor, a helipad, parking space for eight luxury cars, a gym and wellness area, a spa and a cinema! The CF8 also hosts four Waverunners and a DeepFlight Dragon personal submarine, for oceanic escapades.

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[ Via : Charterworld ]

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