A gizmo-rich ride on Rick’s Cab

Ricky Gray’s minivan is the most sought after cab these days. Out of the box, thinking and hard work have both paid off. His cab has been fitted with flatscreen and widescreen TVs, yup two of them, PlayStation 2, and a laptop with an Internet connection. Pretty soon he is going to install a satellite TV to offer more view options because only local channels are available right now. Ricky even wants to upgrade his Playstation to PS3. It’s going to be a pleasure getting stuck in traffic jams if its Rick’s cab that you are riding!

Here’s how everything is fitted, the widescreen LCD TV is in the backseat area and the flat-screen TV is in the front for the passenger sitting in the front. The PlayStation 2 is wedged in the well between the two front buckets and the wireless laptop is kept beneath the front passenger seat. Wanna ride Ricky’s cool cab? Then head to Austin, Texas.