Adornate: Custom built Schooner is up for $2,215,800

All you luxury lovers who wish to splurge on a luxury vessel, the Adornate is definitely worth a look. The beautiful custom built Schooner inaugurated in 1997 and reconditioned in 2006 is currently up for sale for € 1,500,000 ($2,215,800) through Wind is Our Friend. The vessel is specially designed for day cruises, evening cruises, and receptions moored in a port.

The ship boasts of a maximum speed of 8 knots under the engine and 13 knots under sail. The ship features a sun deck, a bar, a dining area, and plush cabins. The master bedroom comprises a king-size bed, cupboards, stores, a bathroom with a washing basin, a sitting area shower, and a toilet. The interior of this vessel, including the floor, is done up in the wood. This luxurious vessel has the capacity to house 50 passengers plus 10 members of the crew.
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