Aga Khan’s $200 million mega yacht might soon set sail

The rich touch may not always help turn everything gold, and His Highness, the Aga Khan, is one example. For those who are not aware of the subject, Richard Engel of NBC News has defined him as – ‘one of the most active philanthropists in the Islamic world. He is the wealthy leader of a religious group with millions of followers. He is a Harvard graduate and is the grandson of the League of Nations’ former president and stepson of Hollywood bombshell Rita Hayworth’. The Aga Khan had commissioned a $200 million mega yacht ‘Alamshar,’ but he has not had too much luck with it. The work on this 50-meter vessel began 12 years ago at the UK’s Devonport. The yacht was intended at first to break the transatlantic speed record but only managed 30 knots when it was first put to sea.

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Its features include a Pratt & Whitney engine, lightweight aluminum or composite construction, Bannenberg Designs in the interior, naval architecture by Don Shead, and a luxe interior from Redman Whiteley Dixon.

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