The auction of the $120 million Alfa Nero superyacht begins today as no one claimed ownership of the 267 feet long vessel from Antigua and Barbuda authorities

After the gorgeous seized 279-foot-long vessel of Russian billionaire Andrey Guryev was raided and captured by the FBI, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda announced the sale of the mega yacht. The Caribbean nation had gone to great lengths to deter damage caused to the abandoned vessel in February 2022, like approving several amendments to the Antigua Port Authority Act, which was imperative to sell Alfa Nero. All was going according to plan when a man from Moscow suddenly came into the picture claiming ownership of the $120 million yacht.

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While Andrey Guryev denied any connection to the Alfa Nero, Alexander Mavrodi of Moscow claimed ownership of the luxury vessel. Attorney Leon Chaku Symister stated, ‘In spite of amendments to the Port Authority Act, the Browne Administration might not be able to sell the Alfa Nero – the yacht registered to a Russian oligarch – if a challenge is made for ownership.’

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Via Youtube / @O2xH2O

With the 10-day notice of the intention to sell Alfa Nero expiring on Friday, March 31, without a claim being received from anyone proving to be the owner, the vessel is finally on its way to auction.

The main saloon of the Alfa Nero.Via Charterworld

Deemed abandoned, Alfa Nero will be sold to the highest bidder. The way was cleared for the auction by Parliament’s approval of an amendment to the Port Authority Act. It looks like no one can stop the Oceanco yacht from getting a new owner. The magnificent vessel boasts a helipad, swimming pool, dance room, gym, beauty salon, spa, a glass elevator, and a beach club. She sleeps 12 guests in six stately suites.

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