The tiny island nation of Antigua spent approximately $9,000 to fly in an engineer to repair the Alfa Nero superyacht. This $120 million vessel has been lying abandoned for a year and now needs to be moved to safety due to an approaching hurricane.

Superyacht Alfa Nero finally left the Falmouth harbor after a year. It was not sailing to a new destination with a new owner but undergoing a short sea trial following repairs carried out by the ship’s captain. Looming legal battles weren’t enough that the inclement Hurricane Lee also got added to the list of ordeals. It may be a blessing in disguise as the 269-foot-long abandoned vessel finally stretched her legs after several months.

Darwin Telemaque standing near the Alfa Nero.

Port Manager Darwin Telemaque said the Alfa Nero was taken on sea trial following repairs carried out by the ship’s captain. It was imperative to check the vessel’s mobility in preparation for any erratic weather changes.

The Alfa Nero at Falmouth harbor. Image – Antigua Observer

“They flew in an engineer to address a challenge that existed onboard the ship—the ship has many, many challenges—and the captain wanted someone to have a look at a console that manages the movement of the ship,” Telemaque explained. Being immobile, the ship’s engine and generators have suffered, which will affect the boat’s performance. In addition to paying $30,000 a week, these repairs cost the government of Antigua another $8,000 to $9,000. It was an essential step to prepare for Hurricane Lee, which was expected to become a Category 5 hurricane.

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“Everyone understands the risks that the vessel poses to navigation and to the effective use of the harbor, which is the main reason why the government has been trying to liquidate that asset. We have asked for it to be removed by its owners, but it is still there, and as of now, the government has taken the only step it could to remove it,” Darwin said. This time last year, Antigua and Barbuda was spared any significant storms that could have caused damage to the Alfa Nero or the Falmouth Harbor.

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As plush the Alfa Nero is the superyacht needs extensive regular maintenance.

“We are looking at various options, but the options are challenging because of the position of the vessel, and one wants to be extremely careful in what we do, knowing the limitations we have in terms of equipment to handle that vessel,” he explained, per Antigua Observer.

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