All-leather Harley-Davidson replica will go on display

I love Harley Davidson bikes; they have a stunning masculine look and are very powerful machines too. And to add spunk to your summer, the Harley Davidson style, head over to the Harley-Davidson Museum. The motorcycle giants an all set to open a vault for a new summer exhibit that will feature all the concepts that didn’t make it to production. Tagged as the “Collection X: Weird, Wild Wonders of the Harley-Davidson Museum”, you can also take a look at “20th-century industrial motors for machines other than bikes”, and bikes that are odd yet significant to the brands growth process over the years. The major highlight at the exhibit is the all-leather chopper from Red Moon, a leather crazy Japan-based company which is known for its leather clad machines.

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Crafted in 2000, the handmade red leather clad chopper was created to celebrate 10 years of Red Moon’s existence. The chopper is in fact a ¾-scale model that sports wheels, frame, headlight, spark plug boots, chain, fuel valve, even the tools in the tool bag in leather. When there also check out the Cyclone Motor-Sled, tagged Pop’s Trolle apart from unusual riding accessories like old-time goggles and helmets.
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