Animal and speed lovers – Ferrari now offers Faux leather

This year at the Frankfurt Auto Show Ferrari proved that “faux” can be fun. Ferrari’s ultra-sleek California T was upholstered not with traditional leather but rather with a new synthetic material called Mycro Prestige. This cutting edge material has the look and feel of classic leather but is light-years ahead in terms of utility. As of now Mycro Prestige upholstery is a custom feature.

Mycro Prestige is waterproof, making it suitable for rainy and snow-filled weather and promises not to crack or fade over time. It’s also flameproof and looks supple and luxurious. Mycro Prestige is already being touted as the most realistic faux leather in the business and is very likely to be a hit with Ferrari owners living in more unpredictable climates.
Andrea Bassi, Ferrari’s head of personalization stated that some customers want something different from leather, adding that everyone has a special taste. Bassi stated that the customization was first created for a California T driver who wanted a sportier look than leather for his car. Clifford Atiyeh from Car and Driver wrote that nearly everyone at the Frankfurt Auto show was convinced that the upholstery was leather and mentioned that the durability of the material would allow it to look fresh and new for longer. Atiyeh also speculated that Mycro Prestige will likely find a fan base in California T drivers.
The price of this customization is still under wraps but this is not unusual for Ferrari. For an up close and personal look at the magical material, interested customers will need to visit Maranello or Shanghai which are the only in-person locations at which you can get updates on your custom car throughout the process.

For our part, we certainly hope that Mycro Prestige gains popularity among other manufacturers as no other faux leather option so far has been quite as impressive as this.

[ Via : Caranddriver ]

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