Armored Maybach 62 – Airforce One on wheels

Swiss company named Rijck has armored a Maybach 62, a luxury sedan completely. Maybach 62 is largely intended for the seriously wealthy who can afford to be a little more discreet. For the seriously wealthy and paranoid, a B6 armored Maybach 62 can protect its occupants from a mine explosion underneath it. This one also features a protected fuel tank and run-flat tires that allow the car to be driven out of the danger zone even if they have been punctured by gunfire. The special-protection models offer their owners the same outstanding quality, excellent ride comfort, and superbly self-assured handling as every other Maybach. Completely unaffected by the special-protection measures, the passenger accommodation is as spacious as ever.

Rijck keeps the car’s principal security features secret as not to compromise the security of their clients. The purpose and commitment of Rijck are to be the market leader in the innovation and manufacturing of luxury armored limousines and cars of the highest possible level of security, luxury, comfort, and practicality.
Rijck is also working on other armored vehicles including the new Mercedes S-Class and Bentley Continental Flying-Spur.
The base model of the Maybach 62 without the security cover starts at $ 352,000.

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