Artega GT Coupe is an awesome sports car

To start with lemme tell you that Henrik Fisker is the man behind The Artega GT. And if you are wondering who this guy is, then you need to do your homework more often about the designers of the best cars in the world. Henry Fisker is not only responsible for many of the current Aston Martins like the DB9 Volante but also (you better remember this now) for the BMW 645i and Mercedes AMG SL55 based Latigo CS & Tramonto concepts. Coming to the car in question, Artega GT is a two-seater sports car. Equipped with a VW-derived 3.6L V6, power comes in at around 300 hp. Standing at less than four feet and measuring 13 feet long plus 6 feet wide, this supercar is believed to speed up to 167.7mph and its 0-60mph sprint can take less than 5 seconds.

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All geared up to hit the roads by 2008 summer, this sleek coupe will sell for 75,000 euros (approx $104,000).

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