Aston Martin DB9 GT Bond Edition a £165000 homage to 007

Fictional British Secret Service agent James Bond has had a long standing affair with Aston Martins. The iconic cars and code name 007 are more than synonymous. To celebrate this relationship and the release of the new Spectre film, Aston Martin has unleashed this extremely rare and limited edition car, the DB9 GT Bond Edition. The car will be limited to just 150 models worldwide, making it a to-die-for ride for James Bond fans. This special edition Aston Martin is based on the recently launched DB9 GT. Quoting Aston Martin CEO Dr. Andy Palmer, “Aston Martin and James Bond are intrinsically linked in the minds of many of our enthusiasts and, indeed, owners, worldwide.”

Aston Martin DB9 GT Bond limited Edition 2
Under the hood, this brilliant ride packs a 6.0 litre V12 engine that churns out enough horses to enable this car to pull you out of sticky situations. The Grand Tourer is wrapped in a special Spectre Silver Paint, making it gleam in the sunshine like the untamed steel beast it really is. Sporting extremely eye-catching ten spoke gloss black diamond turned 20-inch alloy wheels, the DB9 GT Bond Edition has bright aluminium bonnet vents and a carbon fibre front splitter. To top it all, the car sports a ‘007 Bond Edition’ badge. There’s no news in regards to the pricing of this one for now though.
Aston Martin DB9 GT Bond limited Edition 3

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Aston Martin DB9 GT Bond limited Edition 5

[Via – Designboom]