Aston Martin has taken over the $2.3 billion MSG Sphere for the Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend to promote its $250,000 DBX 707 high-performance luxury SUV. A day of advertising on the 300-ft wide sphere costs upwards of $450,000.

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The highly anticipated Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend is finally here. What is being touted as the biggest sporting event of 2023, Formula 1 and its fans across the world are ready to embrace the self-styled entertainment capital of the world and its new street circuit which definitely has one of the most spectacular backdrops. The heart of Las Vegas has been completely taken over by Formula 1, including the newest addition to the city – the much-talked-about Las Vegas Sphere. Apparently, the MSG Sphere has been completely booked by the organizers of F1 for the weekend and has sold the inventory to its partners. Amongst them is British luxury carmaker Aston Martin which will run a stunning ad throughout the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The ad begins with the entire Sphere lighting up in Aston Martin’s traditional green color and prominently showing the company’s iconic logo. After some interesting graphics, the ad first shows the Aston Martin F1 team’s race car, which has performed quite well with Fernando Alonso behind the wheel, and then proceeds to promote the DBX 707 SUV and the DB12. The high-performance luxury SUV laid claim to the title of the most powerful SUV in the world when it was launched. It is powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that produces 697hp, which is 157hp more than the standard DBX. The range-topping SUV can accelerate from zero to 60mph in just 3.1 seconds on the way to reaching a top speed of 193mph.

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The Aston Martin DBX 707

Advertising the $250,000 performance-focused luxury SUV at the Las Vegas Grand Prix with a stunning ad can prove to be a master stroke by Aston Martin. Not only will it be broadcast all over the world, but will grab the attention of all the people attending the Vegas, which will include many Hollywood A-listers and other prominent celebrities. Aston Martin claims that 21% of their paddock club guests in 2022 purchased a new car that same year. But, the number could go much higher this year. However, we are not sure how much money Aston Martin had to pay for putting its line-up on the sphere. While the usual rates are reportedly $450,000 for a day or $650,000 for the entire week, the prices would be significantly higher during the Vegas GP.

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