Blue Dream II-Green is an eco-friendly superyacht design by Aras Kazar

Competition is high, and with customers looking for more luxurious and stylish options, yacht builders are always keeping ahead in the game. Aras Kazar of Aras Kazar Design is one such bright designer who has released a new 67-meter concept called Blue Dream II-Green. It features an eco-friendly ethos, with a focus on solar panel technology. He has also incorporated the ‘essence of a shark’ for its exteriors, which he explains has elegant and wild lines.

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It features four decks, four suites, a master suite with private office, bad and Jacuzzi, library, gym, formal dining/conference room and can host 12 guests. The interiors will shine in chocolate brown and white theme. The top deck will feature the solar panels. The yacht will have a top speed of 30 knots and a cruising range of 2,500 nm at 20 knots.

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