BMW Performance Driving School

Want to put your driving skills to the test? The BMW Performance Driving School is where you take your driving skills to the Master’s level. Greenville, South Carolina is a great getaway for BMW enthusiasts and those who want to “discover the joy of driving” when not in a traffic-filled commute. The $12.5 million dollar center features professional drivers and tracks, slalom courses, a skidpad, a water wall, and as expected a fleet of BMWs to choose from. Courses (from $3,650), are scheduled throughout the year and they also hold special classes for teen drivers to help them sharpen their driving skills and to become defensive, safer drivers.

Unique at the BMW track is a “waterfall accident avoidance maneuvers” section of the road course. As drivers approach a stretch of dry pavement, walls of water spring up from various positions on the tarmac to simulate obstacles or road hazards as a technique to train for safe and responsive emergency avoidance maneuvers. As a result, when you face the everyday hazards of the highways, you would have already experienced and mastered these challenges in a controlled environment. BMW Performance Driving School is an original concept on the road!

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