Meet the 888hp Maybach S600 luxury limo by Brabus

Ever since the flagship Mercedes-Maybach S600 was unveiled, we knew this day was coming. Mad after-market tuner company Brabus has introduced its latest tuning package that turns the already powerful Maybach S600 into a completely insane land rocket. In the company’s own words, the “Maybach S600 comes off the factory line with a 12-cylinder twin-turbo engine producing 523-bhp and is thus anything but underpowered.” So, naturally, Brabus being Brabus put the Maybach S600 on steroids and upped the power to nearly 900hp. Never mind being unnecessary and pointless, the idea of a luxury limo with almost 900hp sounds insanely cool!

Brabus has installed all the upgrades from the Brabus Rocket 900 in the S600. Starting with the standard twin-turbo 6.0-liter V-12, Brabus bores out another 0.3 liter of displacement, then adds bigger turbos, larger-diameter downpipes, a free-flowing exhaust, a revised intake, and a tweaked ECU. The upgrades increase the power to 888 horsepower and a peak torque of 1106 lb-ft, shrinking the S600’s 0-to-62-mph time to a claimed 3.7 seconds. It also raises the top speed to 217mph.
Brabus has also fitted a choice of 21-inch wheels, retuned suspension dropped by an inch, a full aero kit, and new radiator grille. As for the upgrades made to the interior, the kit includes special leather and Alcantara upholstery, wood and carbon-fiber trim, and its full iBusiness suite. There is no word on the price as of yet but we don’t even want to make a guess.

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[Via – Caranddriver]

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