Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport out on test drive crashes into a Toyota Corolla

Image via - Instagram @krn_speed

An accident involving a hypercar worth millions of dollars is quick to grab headlines, no matter how minor the incident is. With camera phones everywhere, even the smallest incidents go viral on the internet, making them easy fodder for news. It’s kinda ridiculous, but that’s how it is. A Bugatti Chiron met with an accident in the United States that involved a Toyota Corolla. The Chiron that was crashed is a Pur Sport, which is a track-focused variant of the hypercar limited to just 60 examples. However, this time around, the hypercar was not crashed by its owner. It turns out that the Chiron involved in the crash is a company-owned demo car and was out on a test drive. A small video clip was recently shared on YouTube and Reddit by a person who goes by the username MrBigpoops that shows the Chiron on the side of the road, while the Corolla can be seen on the grass facing the opposite direction.

Thankfully, the accident was minor and no injuries were reported. Even the pictures of the accident that have emerged on the internet suggest the damages sustained by the two vehicles involved in the incident are not that bad. There’s very little verifiable information available on the incident but a fairly detailed post on the incident on Instagram by KRM Speed claims to have more information. It states that the demo car is currently traveling to different places across the US to various dealerships and also participate at different events in an attempt by Bugatti to attract more customers. At the time of the accident, it was visiting the Bugatti dealership in St. Louis, Missouri, where one of its clients was invited for a test drive. KRN Speed goes on to claim that the Bugatti driver was speeding and ultimately lost control of the hypercar, rear-ending the Corolla. Since the particular Bugatti model has a sticker price is close to $4 million, we expect the repairs might be very expensive, even though the damages appear to be minor. The Instagram post suggests the carbon fiber bodywork worth $200,000 was destroyed in the incident. What a shame!

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