Bugatti might replace Chiron with a four-door with electric powertrain

Bugatti Chiron is practically a brand new model but the French carmaker will soon have to make a decision on the car that will be its successor. The French marque will have to start the development work on its next car as soon as 2019. But what will Bugatti’s next model be after building two incredible two-door hypercars with big W16 engines? According to a report from Automotive News, Bugatti is considering to introduce a model with a four-door layout as its next. At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Bugatti boss Wolfgang Dürheimer commented that the decision has not yet been made on the type of car and that a sedan envisioned by 2009’s Galibier 16C concept was still possible.

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“The 4-door car is not dead,” Dürheimer told Automotive News. In addition to that, he also suggested it would be Bugatti’s sole model, as he said, “For the time I can foresee, [Bugatti] will be a one-model brand.” Bugatti, however, has yet to decide on a final powertrain for its next hypercar and is considering hybrid, full electric, or pure internal combustion engine options. The rate at which Bugatti is building the Chiron, which is approximately 70 cars per year, all 500 planned examples will have been completed by around 2024. What this means is that the replacement for Chiron is expected arrive by then.

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