Chinese dad sued by Audi showroom after his 3-year-old daughter scratches 10 brand-new cars

Bored kids can be tiny wrecking balls leaving a trail of destruction in their wake if left unassisted. A Chinese couple learned the lesson the hard way when their toddler daughter managed to damage 10 brand-new Audi cars in one go while visiting a posh car showroom, which led to the dealership filing a lawsuit against them. The couple had accompanied a friend to the showroom on 24th November and took their 3-year-old daughter along with them. The parents were shocked to discover that their little one had carried a stone to the dealership and had drawn into the paint of 10 new cars, including an Audi Q8 which has a starting price of close to $70,000.

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According to report by 7news, the dealership sued the father, known as Mr. Zhao, for an initial amount of 200,000 RMB (about $28,500) and said that it was just for the initial estimate and the actual figure could be much more which would be decided upon further evaluation of the damage incurred. In the lawsuit, the dealership claimed that the cars could not be sold as new cars once they are repainted. They argued that the vehicles will have to be sold as used cars at significant markdowns. Mr. Zhao rejected the 200,000 RMB demand by the dealership but the two parties managed to reach a settlement of 70,000 RMB ($10,000), the Lingui People’s Court said in a statement on December 3rd.

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