China has developed its own version of the Hummer EV – It packs 1000+ hp, does the crabwalk, and looks even more intimidating than the original.

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The Chinese automotive industry has come a long way, transforming from building cheap and absolutely terrible knockoffs to making rather impressive automobiles. Yet, from time to time they still indulge in blatantly copying designs of popular models from across the globe. Sadly, they are at it again, this time around showcasing a Hummer EV copycat. It was last year when Chinese state-owned automotive conglomerate Dongfeng started producing the civilian version of their Warrior military vehicle, which has a strong resemblance to the legendary Hummer H1. However, the Chinese company also wants to keep up with the changing times and has revealed an EV that not only looks like the electrified Hummer but also packs similar specs and features including the highly touted Crabwalk feature.

Called the M-Terrain, the super-EV has been revealed in both SUV and pickup forms. Dongfeng even announced the launch of a new off-road brand Mengshi with the two M-Terrain models as its first products. Starting with the rather impressive specs claimed by the Chinese automaker, the M-Terrain will have a quad-motor setup, giving the EV all-wheel-drive capability and a peak output of 1,073hp, which is 73 horsepower than the Hummer EV. The setup will also be capable of simulating locking axles and a locking center differential. The motors will draw power from a massive 140-kilowatt-hour battery, yet it’s a ton lighter than the Hummer with a claimed weight of 6,834 pounds. Dongfeng says the EV will have a zero-to-60 time of 4.2 seconds. A range extender will increase the range from 311 miles to 497 miles.

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Via Youtube / @Dongfeng Mengshi M-Terrain Series

As reported by Car News China, the pickup version of the M-Terrain will have a payload capacity of 1,323 pounds, which is the same as the Hummer, while the SUV will have three-row seating to accommodate up to six passengers. Additionally, Dongfeng claims that the M-Terrain will get a level 3 self-driving system, making it better than GM’s Hummer which will arrive with the SAE L2 system Super Cruise. That’s a tall claim to make!

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Via Youtube / @Dongfeng Mengshi M-Terrain Series

The EV will be fitted with air suspension that can lift up 4.1 inches, while it will also feature all-wheel steering, making it capable of doing the crab walk. The company even revealed a demo video of the vehicle and many of its features. We just hope the EV is better than the promotional video. Dongfeng says the M-Terrain will enter production next year and around 4000 units will roll off the factory floor every year.

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