Complete with a walk in shower, 5-star interiors, and even a mechanized TV – Mercedes-Benz has collaborated with Airstream for an ultra-luxury camper van

Whether it is work from home (but on the move) or a beach-themed getaway with your family, Airstream always helps you make the most of your road travels. They are back to make summers memorable in partnership with Mercedes-Benz by creating a camper van that’s as good as a luxury hotel on wheels. This high-minded sprinter van dubbed 2021 Atlas includes an assortment of over-the-top features. One of the key stand-out features is a slide-out wall that expands the interior space, and also two up-front captain’s chairs rotating to create a three-seat Ultraleather sofa. This sofa further conceals a 40-inch television that soundlessly glides into sight with a touch of remote control. While we are talking about smooth and slick hi-tech functions, let it be known that a simple tap on the control panel on the wall can transform the sofa into a Murphy bed that includes built-in bookshelves and USB charging ports. Go a little ahead, and you will spot a well-equipped kitchenette standing next to a commodious bathroom. Airstream and Mercedes-Benz have done a superb job with the bathroom by allowing it to span the entire width of the van. It is fitted with a walk-in shower, porcelain toilet, and a cedar-lined storage closet. When you travel cross-country, you will be extremely thankful for this.

All-in-all we can agree that the interior of the 2021 Atlas is awe-inspiring, and that stays unchanged as we move to the exteriors. The Atlas 2021 is clad in “signature Airstream silver” and has steps that automatically appear as the door opens. The RV comes with a diesel generator that is supported by solar panel rooftops. Water-wise, there are freshwater tanks as well as a gray water tank and blackwater system. To make the most of space, the touring coach comes with a hookup for an outdoor shower and additional exterior storage bins. Airstream x Mercedes-Benz 2021 Atlas Touring Coach is starting at $244,046.

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