Customized Land Rover from Overfinch boasts of a well stocked bar

Just like the Brabus Mercedes Benz concept has been designed to cater to hi-tech freaks, here is one car that will appeal to connoisseurs of exquisite drinks. Land Rover customizer Overfinch has teamed up with British sport gun and rifle maker Holland & Holland to create a limited production Land Rover. The customized Land Rover comes with an option of either a TDV8 diesel or 5.0-liter gasser. Besides the usual upgrades and enhancements (wheels, lights, tires, exhaust, fascia), this car comes with a well-stocked bar! The car boasts of a center console between the rear seats, including a fridge and storage compartment. Furthermore, Holland & Holland have equipped the rear of this car with a bespoke handcrafted cabinet, complete with crystal glasses and flutes, shotguns, cartridge holders, and liquor!

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You can entertain your guests in this car with a choice of drinks ranging from Pol Roger Champagne, Balvenie single malt whiskey, Hendrick’s single batch gin, Ivan The Terrible luxury vodka Willow Spring Water. Overfinch even promises to restock your bar for an entire year! Let your guests relish the taste of the exquisite drinks surrounded by the lush leather interiors as they enjoy a luxurious drive. The customized car will be limited to just 100 units per year.
The Land Rover with a well stocked bar can be yours for $196,000.

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