Daroca Design’s new 350-foot superyacht concept flaunts sustainable materials and multiple pools, including one that theatrically extends over two decks.

Poised to create a splash at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show is the Spanish yacht design studio Daroca Design, with its Waves superyacht concept. The design mirrors the serene beauty of ocean waves, thanks to its pale blue hull, which accentuates the jet-black superstructure. This 350-foot superyacht concept brought to life in collaboration with maritime flooring specialist Bolidt, embodies avant-garde design and functionality. It’s no surprise that the Waves Yacht features two innovative decking solutions.

The first showcases an engaging geometric pattern, imparting a modern vibe to the boat. On the other hand, the second design leans towards an organic aesthetic, complete with flowing lines that mimic nature impeccably. Bolidt’s synthetic decking serves as a sustainable alternative, opening the door to boundless design possibilities. “What sets this collaboration apart is not just the beauty of the designs but the transformative power they hold for the yacht industry,” Daroca Design said in a statement, per Boat International.

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“With the ingenious use of Bolidt materials, Daroca Design and Bolidt have elevated deck covering to an art form, redefining how luxury yachts interact with their surroundings.” Like any multi-million floating mansion, Waves also comes with all the attractive amenities like an expansive pool on the main deck aft. It is the highlight of this boat with a waterfall descending from the deck above, ample lounge space, and a sit-up bar to enjoy unbridled views of the pristine environment.

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The Waves yacht concept is equipped with a helicopter landing pad on the bow for VIP guests to whisk in and out quickly. In all, the luxury vessel flaunts three pools scattered throughout the ship.

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