Dartz Mercedes G Class iTempter sports gold-plated detailing

If you’ve been spending a considerable amount of time trying to decide between a vehicle by Dartz or one from Mercedes Benz’s stables, here’s the perfect ride for you! Dartz Motors has introduced a new label,GAGARIN for opulent tuning and styling only. The brand will be using materials used in space like titanium and tungsten, which will be coated with gold. Called the Dartz Mercedes G Class iTempter, this overhauled Mercedes G Class is a luxuriously aggressive vehicle and will make heads turn. The car includes gold-plated additions to the exterior with 24-inch alloys.

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And that’s not all. This overhauled 4×4 also includes a quilted leather headliner and three iPads integrated into the car’s roof! Dartz will build just 12 of these limited edition powerhouses and has offered various detailing material options ranging from snakewood to snake-nano-skin.
Prices for such gilded and opulent tuning begin at $128,300.

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