Designer envisions a carbon-clad BMW Café Racer from the future and it’s stunning

This concept motorcycle might remind you of the stunning Aston Martin AMB 001 bike revealed last year thanks to its futuristic design language. But this design study has been created by a Netherlands-based designer named Sabino Leerentveld. It might surprise you that this motorcycle has been conceptualized as a BMW café racer; it looks nothing like any of the traditional BMW café racers we have seen to date, neither does it have the Bavarian manufacturer’s characteristic boxer engine. The Dutch designer’s concept motorbike looks more like a design study for a futuristic sports bike with design elements inspired by supercars, and there’s a good reason for it – Sabino Leerentveld’s portfolio is full of concept designs of hypercars and wild racing machines.

The black and gold color scheme of the concept bike looks stunning, and it appears to be inspired by one of the greatest racing liveries of all time – the black and gold livery of the John Player Special-backed 1985 Lotus F1 car. However, the designer has also rendered the motorcycle in a few more color schemes, including one in red and gold that might look like Iron Man’s motorbike. The frame looks to be made entirely out of carbon fiber, while some other elements are in metal. The bodywork follows a minimalistic approach, and even the taillight is integrated into the rear sub-frame. Interestingly, the motorcycle is fitted with old-school spoke-wheels with racing tires by Pirelli. The split LED headlights that mimic the iconic BMW kidney-grille complete the look of this futuristic café racer.

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[Via: Yanko Design]

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