Diamond covered Mercedes SL Class

After updating you on the SL550, 50th-anniversary collection of Mercedes; we now bring to you the flashy, glitzy, diamond-covered Mercedes SL class. Recently on display in an overseas auto-show, this diamond-covered Mercedes SL was undoubtedly grabbing attention. No confirmed report on the diamonds being real or fake; this dazzling beauty would anyways be costing millions even if fake diamonds are utilized. Reach your goals in order to set new ones – the SL legend began over 50 years ago. The SL Class is now more dynamic than ever, thanks to new engines with breathtaking performance and even more powerful, opulent designs. In order to stay true to itself, an SL is undergoing a constant change.

We do think Paris Hilton would like to buy this chic car. The price will definitely exceed the original SL series that are available for approximately $130,000.

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