Driver fined for doing the most absurd thing on a Lamborghini

Lamborghini owners usually end of with fines for overspeeding or reckless driving. But this was not the case with a Gallardo driver from the Chinese city of Chengdu who had strapped a huge teddy bear on his lime green Lambo. Carelessly strapped on to the back, the teddy was so large that it covered the entire engine compartment. With the amount of heat the massive V10 generates and the massive stuffed toy strapped onto it was just a ticking fire hazard in time averted by the cops.

Blame it on the four letter word ‘Love’ as the driver was just delivering the teddy to his girlfriend. After the intervention of the law he was seen stuffing the teddy into a taxi. Perhaps a late night drive on the Chegdu countryside in the Lambo would have only sufficed.

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[ Via : Luxury4play ]