Eclipse Concept Jet: A V-tail concept!

Don’t jump at the sight of this plane as it’s not up for sale. Sorry guys, this latest plane from Eclipse Aviation, the Eclipse Concept Jet, a single-engine four-place aircraft is only used for market research. It’s another airplane with the qualities, and value, that you expect from Eclipse Aviation. This V-tail aircraft will cruise at 345 knots with a service ceiling of 41,000 feet. Yet it needs no more than 2,200 feet of runway to take off or land. The aircraft’s range is estimated to be 1,250 nautical miles. A unique element of the ECJ’s aerodynamic design is its empennage, which features an externally mounted engine pod and V-Tail vertical surfaces that create exceptional aerodynamic, weight, and operational benefits. Styled in black, orange, and grey leather with brushed metals throughout, the passenger cabin features a bench seat with integrated armrests and fold-over capability to access the internal baggage area.
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For entertainment purpose, both rear passenger seats have access to 110V power plugs, cup holders and integrated MP3 player plugs for audio entertainment. You can get in and out of the cabin through one left side door. External baggage is available in the tail of the ECJ, which has the capacity to hold up to three full sets of golf clubs or skis. That’s enough for a brief jaunt!

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