E’mo: An eco-friendly and inexpensive means of transport

The latest car to join the league of modern electric cars is Emo. Emo stands for “efficient mobility” and “electric motion” and has been created by Stauffacherbenz (yes, the well-known furniture design company) in collaboration with Rapperswil technical university in Switzerland. It first came into public view when it was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2009, and since then, it has only received rave reviews. A lightweight electric vehicle (weighing just 350kg) for the town and local traffic, this car promises to find many buyers. Energy-efficient and inexpensive, this eco-friendly vehicle is sure to become the car of the future. Boasting a unique and stylish design, this car is definitely awesome.

With an estimated price of €10,000 ($13,550), the makers expect the car to hit the market by next year.

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