Eng-i-Creation’s bespoke car keys fold up for exclusivity

These days owning a high-end car doesn’t promise 100% exclusivity. For those seeking an add-on that will help them stand out of the crowd, look at the personalized key designed by Eng-i-Creation. Featured here is the Gumpert Apollo key that is foldable and comes with integrated remote control. Crafted in silver and fine wood, the Gumpert logo is embellished in gold, and the lion-eagle part of the log sits on a blood-red enamel base. Exclusively hand-crafted by experts, such a bespoke key can drain your wallet of 5000 Euros (about $7,000) or more. The company has already tasted success in unparalleled vehicle security systems for a decade. Following that, they have decided to embark on this new venture of personalizing keys for carmakers and tuners to satiate those who want to settle for 100% bespoken stuff. So it’s time to flaunt your à la mode car key, too, along with the car!

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Thanks Raoul BATTY

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