Fancy roaring new V8s every week? Mercedes is now offering an AMG-only tier in its car subscription service

Mercedes-Benz has announced that it’s adding an AMG-only tier to its Collection car subscription service which will give its subscribers exclusive access to a tier of vehicles solely made of high-performance Mercedes-AMG models. The German automaker says there was a growing demand from customers of the brand’s subscription service for more AMG models. Aptly named AMG-Exclusive tier, it sits right at the top of the already existing three tiers of the subscription and includes everything from the AMG GT63 four-door coupe and the E63 S wagon to the mighty AMG GT Roadster; in fact, the entire tier is made up of GT and 63-level models.

In case you aren’t aware of Mercedes-Benz Collection subscription service, it was launched as a pilot program in Nashville and Philadelphia in 2018. While the Philly chapter was shut down, the program was launched in Atlanta. With the help of this service, customers can pay a flat monthly fee and gain access to a whole fleet of Merc cars which include everything from convertibles and coupes to sedans, crossovers, and SUVs. The monthly fee also covers insurance, roadside assistance, and vehicle maintenance. The cheapest option is the Signature tier that starts at $1,095 per month, while the Reserve tier is $1,595 per month, and the Premier tier costs $2,995 per month. The new AMG tier is the priciest of them all and will cost a cool $3,595 a month.

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[Via: CNET]

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