Longer than a football field, Feadship’s new Project 710 is one of the greenest superyachts ever built.

Netherlands-based luxury yacht builder Feadship’s new 84.2-meter vessel known as Project 710 broke cover a few days back when it emerged from the company’s Koninklijke De Vries facilities in Aalsmeer for the very first time. Considered as one of the most technically advanced luxury yachts to be built by Feadship, the futuristic-looking vessel features a sleek design and a metallic gray hull.

The superyacht’s design has been penned by RWD – a long-time Feadship collaborator – while her interior design has been done by the French studio Monk Design, also in collaboration with RWD. Project 710 is a part of Feadship’s plan to produce more eco-friendly yachts and it serves as “the perfect next step on Feadship’s path toward building zero-emission superyachts by 2030.”

The luxury superyacht is powered by a hybrid powerplant that will use second-generation biodiesel (HVO) in its generators. According to its builders, it aims to reduce carbon emissions by up to 90 percent. Project 710 also has 4.5 times more electrical storage capacity than Feadship’s first hybrid yacht Savannah. The vessel also doesn’t have driveshafts or rudders. Instead, the electric drive and steering are through a pair of electric Veth contra-rotating thrusters. Additionally, it has a single-level engine room that with allow for more flexibility in the layout of the accommodation. The superyacht’s high-tech system is also capable of capturing waste heat from the custom variable speed generators and air conditioner chiller to supply heat to the AC system, pool water, domestic water, engine preheating, and more. Furthermore, there’s an innovative heat pump system that allows the yacht to draw heat from seawater.

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In terms of design, some of the notable features of the yacht include an observation lounge on her bow with double-curved glass floor-to-ceiling windows, an asymmetrical atrium stairwell leading to a lower deck dining saloon that can be opened up for guests to enjoy waterside views, and an Aqua Lounge in her stern offering unique underwater vistas. In a press release, Feadship said: “Terraced aft decks float without pillars, while glass balustrades allow unobstructed views from both aft deck and fully glazed aft interior spaces, creating a vital connection to the natural environment.” Construction began in 2020 and it is expected that the luxury vessel will undertake sea trials later this year.

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