The shipyard that built Bill Gates’ revolutionary hydrogen-powered megayacht has just rolled out the world’s first solar-powered superyacht. Perfect for an eco-conscious billionaire, this 195-foot-long vessel is powered by custom solar panels and new-age vegetable oil fuel.

Another groundbreaking innovation comes from the shipyard that built Bill Gates‘ hydrogen fuel cell superyacht. Feadship’s environmental roadmap is sailing towards success with the newly launched 195-foot Project 713, marking its first solar-powered superyacht. This significant step brings the shipyard closer to its goal of being climate-neutral by 2030. Project 713 features an exterior design by Studio De Voogt, recognizable by its striking blue-grey hull and white superstructure. The highlight of this luxury vessel, however, lies in its auxiliary power generation, diesel-electric propulsion, and ability to run on non-fossil HVO.

The custom-made solar panels are designed for optimal performance and durability. They use the most efficient silicon cells available and produce up to 24 MWh annually. Even the decking incorporates sustainability, using FSC-certified plantation teak harvested in an environmentally friendly manner. Thanks to a high-efficiency diesel-electric power system, the hotel load is supplied by four generators and a 400 kWh battery.

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“The owner has been instrumental in the design and environmental impact reduction,” explained Feadship. “In addition to the environmental advancements, the launch of Project 713 underscores the significant economic impact of the superyacht industry in the Netherlands, representing more than half of the entire maritime industry in the country.”

Bill Gates’ 118 meter long hydrogen powered superyacht.

Feadship is indeed setting a prime example of meeting long-term environmental and social sustainability expectations with its latest offerings. From the $645 million Project 821, commissioned by Bill Gates, to the $300 million Project 1012, the yard is leading the way with the greenest superyachts to date. The 388-foot Project 821 sails with a zero-diesel approach to operate the yacht’s hotel load and amenities using emission-free power from green hydrogen.

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Project 1012 boasts two main engines and shaft-driven fixed-pitch propellers, coupled with PTO/PTI electric motors of 560kW each and 1MW of Li-ion batteries. It packs more batteries than 10 Tesla Model S cars and can navigate the high seas in utmost silence, a testament to the future of sustainable superyacht construction.

[All images courtesy of Feadship]

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