Fearless Porsche enters the Sea World

Years of designing in the auto industry have made Porsche a name to reckon with. Now their collaboration with Florida-based Fearless Yachts will bear fruits at the Miami Boat Show next week. The team will showcase their 28-foot long high-speed cruiser that promises to capture everyone’s attention. The boat is built with a fiberglass hull, which boasts of sleek curves and the lean silhouette of a European coupe. It’s “unitized,” or seamless, construction does away with unappealing rivets that might slow it down. It’s fitted with a 525-horsepower Viper engine that helps the boat reach a top speed of 80 mph, and has Latham precision steering controls. With room for five on this one, Porsche and Fearless are expanding the line to include vessels of up to 150 feet in length.

The 28 footer starts at $300,000 and it manages to make a 911 look like a bargain! This “aquabahn” from Fearless and Porsche has the makings of a big hit!