Possibly taken for a test drive, someone in the Netherlands crashed and completely wrecked a rare $3 million Ferrari Enzo

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When it comes to iconic and rare supercars, the Ferrari Enzo is close to the top of the list if not on the top. Only 400 units of this halo supercar were made by Ferrari between 2002 and 2004. A well-kept example can easily fetch upwards of $3 million and its value is only going to grow exponentially in the future. So it’s quite obvious that preserving all the Ferrari Enzos on this earth is of great importance. Yet, today there’s one less of them. A Ferrari Enzo has been crashed in Baarn, a town close to Amsterdam, Netherlands, which is not the kind of news you would want to hear. The crash was reported by Autoblog.nl and the pictures are hard to watch. The right-hand side of the supercar received the maximum damage with both the wheels of that side ripped off from the body. Both bumpers also look in bad condition, while the impact triggered the airbags.

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It is unclear who was driving the Enzo, however, some of the pictures show the crashed supercar with green plates which suggest that it’s owned by a local Ferrari dealership. Some reports also suggest that the supercar was being driven by the dealership’s driver, but there’s no official confirmation. The mid-engine supercar is powered by a 6.0-liter V12 that can produce 651 horsepower. Supercars from the era were notorious for being a handful to drive and judging by the pictures, the conditions look treacherous to drive a car like Enzo. However, the question is will the crashed Enzo be rebuilt and returned to its former glory. The extent of damage is often masked by body panels and it might prove to be a devil of a job to fix the damages. Yet, the rarity of the Enzo means someone will defiantly.

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Via Instagram / @jeffrey_de_ruiter_photography
Via Instagram / @jeffrey_de_ruiter_photography

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