Ferrari J50 an ultra limited masterpiece that costs $2.66 million

There is a select class of people, super-wealthy enthusiasts for whom a normal Ferrari is just not enough. Catering to such an exclusive group of people is Ferrari’s Special Projects department which over time works with the company’s Styling center team in Maranello to create special edition masterpieces with the Prancing Horse. Their latest creation commemorates the brand’s 50th anniversary in Japan. Named “50′; J for Japan and 50 for the golden jubilee, it is based on the 488 GTB Spider. The J50 is aimed to strike a feeling of nostalgia as its design elements are hugely inspired by the Ferrari’s of the ’70s and the ’80s. Most notably the black line that runs up from the nose and up to the base of the windows is reminiscent of the F40 from the late eighties. The ‘helmet visor’ effect on the windscreen is inspired by the open-top barchettas of the yesteryears.

Visible through a polycarbonate cover is the 3.9-liter turbocharged V8 that also breathes life to the 488 GTB, except that for the J50 it is tuned to deliver an extra 20 horses at 680bhp. Limited to just 10 units which we are sure are already sold out, the J50 will come in a special triple-layered metallic red paint job with black over red interiors. As for the pricing it is, or should I say was available for 2.5 million Euros plus taxes.

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