Seems someone who made a killing in Crypto. A $300,000 Ferrari Tributo in bright Dogecoin wrap steals the show at the Miami Bitcoin conference

Are cryptocurrencies all you read about these days? That must be, as it’s all we write about! Unlike before, cryptocurrencies have gone on a wild ride this year, and hogging the limelight is Dogecoin that is even more popular than ever. A certain Mr. Elon Musk may have a part to play in its ravenous popularity, but he alone is not the bearer of this fondness. The owner of this Ferrari F8 Tributo is clearly quite fond of the Dogecoin crypto so much that he wrapped the Italian supercar in a Dogecoin wrap. So much love for the cryptocurrency could stem from all the moolah he must’ve made from his Dogecoin investment after its phenomenal rise. Interestingly, the now revered and most-wanted Dogecoin started as a joke, but it ballooned into something of substantial value thanks to some high-profile supporters. It clearly added a lot of happiness to the already rich man who could own a Ferrari and then slap it on with Dogecoin wrap!

The wheels were spotted in Miami, Florida, during a prominent Bitcoin conference in the city (D-uh!). Much of the F8 Tributo’s bodywork is finished in a bright shade of Tiffany Blue and highlights the word ‘Dogecoin’ on the rear quarter panels and has Dogecoin graphics and logos along the sides. The hood, too, is part of the crypto makeover and stars a huge image of the Dogecoin logo. Call it a means of making a statement or showing the world what you love; either way, this is certainly an unmissable way to do it.

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[Via: Reddit]

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