Ferrari 348 Spider with a $100,000 paintjob is up for sale

And if that cherry-red Ferrari has been popping up in your dreams for the last few weeks, we suggest you give your imagination and fantasy a fresh start. Take this Ferrari, for example. Unlike any ever seen before, this one was put up for sale at a dealership in Texas. A rare and one-of-a-kind car, this Ferrari 348 Spider was painted by world-renowned artist Christian Lassen hailing from Hawaii. According to sources, this car’s paint job, a light blue in the front turning darker towards the back of the car with dolphins on its sides and stars above the rear wheels, costs a whopping $100,000! The car was kept in a showroom at Cesars Palace in Las Vegas for most of its life, which is why it clocked just 2.316 miles in 17 years. More of a canvas than a car, this one unique Ferrari is sure to have you day-dreaming for the next couple of weeks now!

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[GT Spirit]

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