Supercar carnage in Philadelphia – A $280,000 Ferrari 488 loses control and crashes into two other Ferraris during a charity drive

For any automobile enthusiast, to watch a beautiful Ferrari get destroyed in a crash is simply heartbreaking. But a video has emerged on the internet that shows not one but three Ferraris crash into each other. The combination of showboating and lack of skills often results in great humiliation for the fools who think ‘what can possibly go wrong?’. Not a lot of verifiable information is available on the crash, but what we know so far is that this incident happened during the annual Supercar Show in Philadelphia organized by CF Charities last week that saw hundreds of exotic performance cars take part in the event. According to a report from a FerrariChat forum member named 06VistaBlueGT, the crash occurred during the morning charity drive before the event.

As we can see in the video, the cops closed a section of highway for the charity drive letting the supercars stick together and not mix with the usual traffic. However, some of the high-performance cars immediately start gunning the throttle, including at least two of the Ferraris involved in the accident, reaching very high speeds. The black Ferrari 488 dangerously swerving side to side in an attempt to pass other cars abruptly brakes hard to avoid colliding with a slow car in the front and loses traction and ends up crashing into two other Ferraris. It is believed that two of them are Ferrari 488 Pistas, while the other one is a regular Ferrari 488. Another unverified source claims a McLaren was also involved in the crash. What a shame! Just a few weeks back, another Ferrari Pista was crashed by a buffoon driving the supercar while showing off its might on a public road. If you own such a beautiful machine, please don’t be a d*ck!

[Via: HotCars]

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