Watch the first trailer of the upcoming Ferruccio Lamborghini biopic that narrates the story behind the legendary Ferrari vs Lamborghini feud

Attention all automobile enthusiasts, the first trailer for Lamborghini: The Man Behind The Legend has dropped, giving us the much-awaited look at the movie that chronicles the life of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the namesake founder of the Italian supercar manufacturer, and his legendary feud with Enzo Ferrari. We’ve all heard several different versions of the story where the two of the most celebrated Italian personalities locked horns, giving birth to Lamborghini’s supercar manufacturing business. But this movie aims to bust myths and cinematically offer the untold story of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s painstaking journey of building one of the most iconic brands of all time.

The movie has been in production since 2016 and reports suggest that Tonino Lamborghini, Ferruccio’s son, helped the production team to make the movie as accurate as possible. The titular character of Ferruccio Lamborghini will be played by Frank Grillo, while the movie also includes Oscar winners Mira Sorvino and Bobby Moresco. The trailer promises an exciting cinematic experience filled with inspiring sequences which might remind you of the 2019 movie Ford v Ferrari. The teaser includes some of the greatest classic sports cars, including the Lamborghini Countach, Miura, 350 GT, several Ferraris, and even a Porsche 356. The movie is set to release in select theaters and on VOD on November 18.

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Ferrari vs Lamborghini – one of the greatest automotive rivalries
By the 1960s, Ferruccio Lamborghini had built himself a very successful tractor-manufacturing business. With the wealth accumulated from his highly profitable business, Ferruccio bought two Ferrari sports cars, one for himself and one for his wife. According to rumors, he would often use the Ferraris to show off when attempting to close a big deal. However, he was unhappy with the quality of the clutch used in the sports car and decided to directly confront Enzo Ferrari in 1962. Reportedly, the conversation didn’t last long as Enzo Ferrari didn’t take the criticism well and told Ferruccio: “Let me make cars. You stick to making tractors.” Ferruccio took the insult personally and decided to launch his own performance car brand under the Lamborghini name. Well, the rest is history!

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