Fly to the edge of space in a Mig 31

Care to soar to the skies on a MIG and experience one of the top 10 world’s adventures for a holiday? If flying to altitudes boosts your adrenaline rush, then the Edge of Space program is tailored just for you. Russian MiG-31 or MiG-29 military jets are employed to take you to 65000 feet that not all have been to. Flying at Mach 2.35 (about one mile every two seconds), being a part of such an exclusive flight mission is the closest most people can get to being an astronaut. Lasting for about 40-45 minutes and costing about $25,000, you can experience the hypersonic speed of 2400-2500 km per hour. While descending, you can enjoy some high aerobatic maneuvers with your flight instructor, a certified first-class pilot of the Russian Sokol Airbase. Keen fliers will also be allowed to steer the high-powered marvel machine but, of course, under the pilot’s control and at the pilot’s discretion. The package includes a MIG flight, luxury accommodation, private excursions, and transfers.

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All the flights in MiG 31 are performed at the Sokol airbase in Nizhny Novgorod. So, if the L39 Albatros fighter jet flight at The Hotel Métropole in Monte-Carlo failed to lure you as an opportunity of a lifetime, then make sure to book yourself for the fly to the border of outer space on the Edge of the Space program.

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