Ford F650 Super Truck XUV

Have you spotted one of these huge XUVs (Xtreme Utility Vehicle) yet? It’s a 2006 Xtreme Ford F650 SuperTruck. There are 5 different models of the Ford F650 available, with seating for 4 to 12 (in seatbelts!). The Ford F650 gets 17mpg at a 70mph cruising speed! It’s got a 37-degree greater turning radius than a light-duty pickup truck. This huge vehicle comes with 300HP Caterpillar with 900 lbs of torque. While the Ford F650 has been in production for several years now, this is the first year that this line has been sold as a street model. Up till now, it was primarily used as a heavy-duty “commercial vehicle.

Drive away with it for $94,000.

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